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Valskaria Nymphicidatrio Update by EmoXpyroXdemon Valskaria Nymphicidatrio Update :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 0 2 Gir ID by EmoXpyroXdemon Gir ID :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 2 1 Me by EmoXpyroXdemon Me :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 0 1 My Knight by EmoXpyroXdemon My Knight :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 2 1 Alice like... by EmoXpyroXdemon Alice like... :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 0 3 Morgranstine Nymphicidatrio by EmoXpyroXdemon Morgranstine Nymphicidatrio :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 3 0 Joker LOL by EmoXpyroXdemon Joker LOL :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 3 0 Timmy by EmoXpyroXdemon Timmy :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 4 9 I'm not Impressed... by EmoXpyroXdemon I'm not Impressed... :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 3 1
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Army of the Forsaken chp. 2 :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 1 0
Army of the Forsaken
Skeletons of humans and giants, orcs and were-folk, dwarves and halflings alike. They were scattered about the land. The battle had been won to the Drow-kin. The leader of the army was standing tall and gazing across the battle feild. He sniffed the air only to have the scent of blood fill his senses. "Ama*," He spoke, "it fills the air." The drows around him shuffled in their places, awaiting his command. He turned to them and spoke loudly, "This is a war that none of the races shall forget! For they will ne'er forget the day that we shall rise above and conquer once more over!" Cheers were heard from afar. "Now my Kin," The leader started, "we go to Mithral Hall*! For the dwarves await their fate." He smiled evilly and the cheers grew more louder. However, the cheers and excitment allowed one particular Drow slip through the crowd and run towards the Trees of Wisdom.....
Veir ran until his feet bled. He could not believe what he had been through. He was forced to go Upland in place o
:iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 2 0
Conversation of Volpe _ Timmy
Volpe: O mah Gawd, today is boring.
Timmy: But today we nearly died trying to kill the Immortal Demon Prince Sanctus and yet miserably fail. Now we're in the hospital because of injuries that may kill us. You call that boring?
V: Yeah. Really boring. If it was fun then Skalza and Diablo would be here laughing at your pain and misery.
T:.......... Have you ever thought about dying?
V: No.
T: Have you ever had the thought on the battle field that you could die at any minute?
V: No.
T: Why?
V: Because to kill someone as badass and devilishly beautiful as me would send you to Hell. This would be carried out by Skalza and Diablo.
T: O_o I...I see.
V: What do you think happened to my husband?
T: You were married?
V: Only for two days.
T: Oxo
Volpe, you scare me.
V: Well, I am the monster lurking in your bathtub.
T: I took a bath yesterday!!!! +Scarred out off his innocent mind.+
V: Yeah, I know. Boy do I know. By the way, who is Velisa?
T: X_X.. No one.
V: Yeah uh-huh, sure.
:iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 1 5
Jacket by EmoXpyroXdemon Jacket :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 2 8 When your in Art... by EmoXpyroXdemon When your in Art... :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 0 1 Newly Undead by EmoXpyroXdemon Newly Undead :iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 0 1
My Loveless
He sits alone, and walks with no one.
He has no friends to laugh with him,
When everyone laughs at him.
And there I stand at my locker,
Feeling rather somber.
I feel feel a tug at the end of my shirt.
I turn to see the bot, his clothes stained with dirt.
He asks me if I'd be so kind to show him to a room.
I smile, nod and dust him like a broom.
I lead him down hallways, everyone stops to stare.
Rumors and whispering are spread, but we're too happy to care.
If I learned something on my fates end,
It's never leave a friend.
:iconemoxpyroxdemon:EmoXpyroXdemon 0 0


Peaceful days by Tenshi-no-Hikari Peaceful days :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 1,234 46 Why Razer doesn't hit on Torn by Luna-Kitsune-Blu Why Razer doesn't hit on Torn :iconluna-kitsune-blu:Luna-Kitsune-Blu 323 104 Daxter is cute by ab-lynx Daxter is cute :iconab-lynx:ab-lynx 624 144 Sleepy Tale by nyanray Sleepy Tale :iconnyanray:nyanray 1,234 81 hairdressing by M-azuma hairdressing :iconm-azuma:M-azuma 1,705 178 PaperArtist 2014-01-06 01-55-26 by espinoza500 PaperArtist 2014-01-06 01-55-26 :iconespinoza500:espinoza500 2 2 I FUCKING LOVE DWARVES AND ELVES by Kibbitzer I FUCKING LOVE DWARVES AND ELVES :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 3,399 127 ha ha ha...fuck you legolas... by Kibbitzer ha ha ha...fuck you legolas... :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 6,191 295 LotR - Legolas and Gimli by caycowa LotR - Legolas and Gimli :iconcaycowa:caycowa 1,699 221 Silmarillion the Summary by Phobs Silmarillion the Summary :iconphobs:Phobs 2,885 140 DoS questions: Pugs in Middle-Earth? by Phobs DoS questions: Pugs in Middle-Earth? :iconphobs:Phobs 5,009 195 The Hobbit, an unexpected Flock by AlyTheKitten The Hobbit, an unexpected Flock :iconalythekitten:AlyTheKitten 391 91 Red Alert by CoranKizerStone Red Alert :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 5,977 466 little red riding hood ~ be my valentine by minoule little red riding hood ~ be my valentine :iconminoule:minoule 1,415 87 Water Music by luciole Water Music :iconluciole:luciole 1,372 343


Hey guys, so last time I wrote pretty violent. But guess what? A couple classmates of mine decided to write a comic. Its not supposed to make any sense, just three friends doing stuff. well, hello and behold, I'm going to be the lovely (coughandcrappycough) artist! If only my sketchbook wasn't bigger than the copier, I would show you guys a part of a comic. Its called The Black Mile, btw.

Well..........thats it.
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  • Reading: Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: With fie (of course)
  • Eating: PASTA! (APH)
  • Drinking: blood (o neg.)


Kamin Nikami Izyuo
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I have a love for creepy things, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomina


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